Do you regularly haul your boat across the desert to visit Lake Havasu?  You and your boat have options.  Wouldn’t it like a nice cozy garage to call home?  Maybe that garage could have a couple bedrooms attached?
There are several reasons to NOT haul your boat across the desert every time you visit Lake Havasu:
 – Wear and Tear on the boat.  The heat and sun of the desert when hauling is different than when the boat is cooled by the water while on the lake.  If you haul with a boat cover, the wind can wear (or shred) the cover and the whipping can wear the boat.
 – Wear and Tear on the Vehicle and Trailer.  Even with trucks that are made for towing, the wear and tear can cause additional maintenance.  The transmission works harder when pulling a trailer and the brakes work harder stopping a trailer. Add the road heat in the desert for additional wear and tear.
 – Wear and Tear on the Driver.  Towing a trailer in traffic to leave town adds stress.  Towing is slower and gives the driver more to check and watch out for.  

What can you do for your boat?  Check out these options:
 – Storage for your boat.  Enclosed storage can be an option to store your boat.  There are many rental boat storage places in town.  Many are near full or full and have a waiting list for boat size storage.  Why rent when you can own.  There are ‘storage condominiums’ that allow you to buy your boat storage.  Many of these sites have cleaning areas for your boat, restrooms and showers available. 
 – Residence with Boat Storage.  There are many options for storing a boat at a residence.  There are a few condos in town that have a garage but many have carports or have a boat storage area.  Houses provide a wide variety of storage options.  Some houses have high door ‘RV’ garage to store a boat.  RV garages work well for tall boats or boats with ski towers etc. Some houses have ‘Boat Deep’ garages that will store trailers that are longer than a standard car in one bay of the garage.  Some houses have outside parking that allows for a place for the boat to call home.  This may allow for a car port or an addition later to protect your boat.

So make your boat happy and see what options fit your situation.