Why?  I had a couple of good examples this week. 

I had been working with a client from out of town.  They had limited knowledge of some of the details of the town.  They had their ‘top picks’ from what they had seen on the internet (both my search and other sites).  They were sure they had made the selection and came to town to make an offer.  The location, the dogs and the smells from a neighbor could not be seen from photos on the internet.  Because we had been working together, I had a feel for what they were looking for.  I was able to show exactly what they were looking for and an offer was made in their short trip to town.

Working with another client, they had narrowed the selections down to a final contender.  The size was right, the price was right, the area was right, the view was right.  All set to start the negotiation process to get the best price.  The angle of the sun hitting the back window and the noise from the neighbor’s equipment changed that.

Working with a REAL realtor can help with things photos cannot share.  Working with me to find your dream home does not cost you as a buyer and can save you a lot of time, money and grief.  Drop me a note with what you are looking for and let me help.